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  • EPF Advance Claim Submission (Form 31)
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What is EPF Withdrawal Online

Employee Provident Fund is a scheme instated by the government, as per the Employee Provident Fund Act of 1952, wherein you and your employer contribute a specific amount each month. Since money is invested on a monthly basis, it helps you build a corpus for your post-retirement life. While your PF account will change every time, you start working at a new organisation, your consolidated EPF account, identified by your Universal Account Number (UAN) will not change. This 12-digit UAN is extremely useful, and is all you need to check your PF details. If you want to know your EPF balance or if you want to check contributions made by your employer, you can do so, through the EPFO e-SEWA portal, mobile app, and SMS by logging in with your UAN. 

What is required to withdraw PF online?

In case of emergencies such as hospitalisation, wedding or education of your child, home renovation and repairs, you may need quick access to these funds. Instead of taking a loan, you can withdraw funds from your PF in full or in part. Just remember that to initiate the PF withdrawal process you will have to keep your Universal Account Number (UAN) handy.

In order to withdraw your PF amount using EPFO portal, you will need to ensure the following:

  • UAN must be activated
  • Aadhar number must be linked and verified with UAN
  • The bank account where you want to receive the amount must be linked with UAN and approved by employer with Digital Signature of Authorized Signatory.
  • Name Printed Cancelled cheque of your Bank Account seeded with UAN.

In case of any changes or modifications, you can complete the eKYC process, and update your details before you submit a claim.

How to withdraw PF online with UAN?

You can easily withdraw your PF online through your UAN by visiting the EPFO e-SEWA portal. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Login to the portal Visit the EPFO e-SEWA portal and login using your UAN and password, and enter the captcha code. In case you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset via an OTP sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Visit Online Claims section – When you’ve logged in, you can look for ‘Claim (Form-31, 19, 10C & 10D)’ in the ‘Online Services’ section
  • Enter bank account details – Once this section opens, you will be required to enter the correct bank account number (seeded with UAN), as a verification process.
  • Confirm Terms & Conditions – Once you’ve verified your details, you would need to confirm the ‘Terms and Conditions’ as stated by EPFO. You can then click on ‘Proceed for Online Claim’
  • Select reason for withdrawal – You’ll find a dropdown menu, from which you would need to choose the reason for withdrawing from your PF account. You will only be shown the options for which you’re eligible.
  • Enter details and upload documents – When you select the reason for withdrawal, you would need to enter your complete address, and you may need to upload your cheque/passbook details if you’ve chosen the option for ‘Advance Claim’. You’ll need to accept further ‘Terms and Conditions’ before requesting a one-time password (OTP) for verification.
  • Get Aadhaar OTP – Once you’ve confirmed your details and accepted the ‘Terms and Conditions’, you would need to request an OTP, which will be sent to the mobile number registered with your Aadhaar. On entering the OTP, your claim application will be submitted.

Once you’ve submitted your claim, you can track the status of your claims by logging into your Member e-SEWA portal account, under ‘Track Claim Status’. The EPFO officials will match your data in their records with the data submitted in your online claim form. On completing their verification, they will process your claim application and the amount will be credited to the bank account, linked with your UAN.


Procedure for PF & Pension Withdrawal Online

PF Withdrawal
Choose a Plan

Choose a plan according to your needs

Pension Claim
Fill a Simple Form

Provide basic details on PF withdrawal form

PF Claim
Receive a Call

Get a call from our representative

PF Balance

Your work is complated

Documents required

Documents Required

Following Documents required for PF withdrawal:

  • UAN Number (Activated)
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Name Printed Cancelled cheque of your Bank Account seeded with UAN.
  • Form 15G (In case of total service is less than 5 years and amount is more than 50,000/-.

Following Documents required for PF withdrawal:

  • UAN Number (Activated)
  • Aadhar Card Copy (Self & Nominee)
  • Cancelled cheque of Authorized Banks for Pension Disbursement Under EPS-1995 (Please refer attached list of authorized banks according to your state).
  • Passport Size Photograph (Self & Nominee)
  • Cancelled cheque of Nominee

Advantages of PF & Pension Withdrawal Online

Partial withdrawal of EPF can be done under certain circumstances and subject to certain prescribed conditions which have been discussed in brief below:


Sl. No. Particulars of reasons for withdrawalLimit for withdrawalNo. of years of service requiredOther conditions
1Medical purposesSix times the monthly basic salary or the total employee’s share plus interest, whichever is lowerNo criteriaMedical treatment of self, spouse, children, or parents
2MarriageUp to 50% of employee’s share of contribution to EPF7 yearsFor the marriage of self, son/daughter, and brother/sister
3EducationUp to 50% of employee’s share of contribution to EPF7 yearsEither for account holder’s education or child’s education (post matriculation)
4Purchase of land or purchase/construction of a houseFor land – Up to 24 times of monthly basic salary plus dearness allowance5 yearsi. The asset, i.e. land or the house should be in the name of the employee or jointly with the spouse.
For house – Up to 36 times of monthly basic salary plus dearness allowance,ii. It can be withdrawn just once for this purpose during the entire service.
Above limits are restricted to the total cost 
 iii. The construction should begin within 6 months and must be completed within 12 months from the last withdrawn instalment.
5Home loan repaymentLeast of below: 10 yearsi. The property should be registered in the name of the employee or spouse or jointly with the spouse.
1. Up to 36 times of monthly basic salary plus dearness allowanceii. Withdrawal permitted subject to furnishing of requisite documents as stated by the EPFO relating to the housing loan availed.
2. Total corpus consisting of employer and employee’s contribution with interest.iii. The accumulation in the member’s PF account (or together with the spouse), including the interest, has to be more than Rs 20,000.
3. Total outstanding principal and interest on housing loan 
6House renovationLeast of the below:5 years i. The property should be registered in the name of the employee or spouse or jointly held with the spouse.
Up to 12 times the monthly wages and dearness allowance, or 
Employees contribution with interest, or ii. The facility can be availed twice:
Total costa. After 5 years of the completion of the house
 b. After the 10 years of the completion of the house
7Partial withdrawal before retirementUp to 90% of accumulated balance with interestOnce the employee reaches 57 years 

Eligibility of PF & Pension Withdrawal Online

The complete withdrawal of EPF while switching employers without remaining unemployed for two months or more (i.e. during the interim period between changing jobs), is against the PF rules and regulations and therefore is not allowed


Steps for
PF & Pension Withdrawal Online

Step 1 : Go to the UAN portal

Go to the UAN portal by clicking

Step 2 : Login

Log in with your UAN and password and enter the captcha.

Step 3 : Verify KYC

Then, click on the tab ‘Manage’ and select KYC to check whether your KYC details such as Aadhaar, PAN and the bank details are correct and verified or not.

Step 4 : Online Claim

After the KYC details are verified, go to the tab ‘Online Services’ and select the option ‘Claim (Form-31, 19 & 10C)’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 5 : Bank A/c verification

The ‘Claim’ screen will display the member details, KYC details and other service details. Enter the last four digits of your bank account and click on ‘Verify’.

Step 6 : sign the certificate

Click on ‘Yes’ to sign the certificate of the undertaking and then proceed.

Step 7 : Proceed for Online claim

Now, click on ‘Proceed for Online claim’.

Step 8 : Select Form

In the claim form, select the claim you require, i.e. full EPF settlement, EPF part withdrawal (loan/advance) or pension withdrawal, under the tab ‘I Want To Apply For’. If the member is not eligible for any of the services like PF withdrawal or pension withdrawal, due to the service criteria, then that option will not be shown in the drop-down menu.

Step 9 : PF Advance (Form 31)

Then, select ‘PF Advance (Form 31)’ to withdraw your fund. Further, provide the purpose of such advance, the amount required and the employee’s address.

Step 10 : Aadhaar OTP Validation

Click on the certificate and submit your application. You may be asked to submit scanned documents for the purpose you have filled the form. The employer will have to approve the withdrawal request and then only you will receive money in your bank account. It usually takes 15-20 days to get the money credited to the bank account.


Read Most
Frequent Questions

Q.Are EPF contributions eligible for tax deductions?

Yes, EPF contributions are tax-deductible under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Q.Can I increase my EPF contributions?

Yes, you can increase your EPF contributions and contribute up to 100% of your basic pay. This is called VPF.

Q.Will employer also contribute higher when I do?

No, the employer’s contribution will still remain the bare minimum regardless of you opting for VPF.

Q.Do I need employer’s permission to withdraw EPF from EPF?

he new amendments have meant that the employer’s permission is not needed to make the EPF withdrawals.

Q.Can I make premature withdrawals?

Yes, on meeting certain conditions, you are allowed to make premature withdrawals, and you need to produce documentary evidence for the same.