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Rapport START

Rs. 4999

Rs.4999 + GST@18%
  • PF & ESI Monthly Challan
  • Reply of Notice from PF & ESI
  • UAN Link/ Generation
  • KYC of employees
  • Withdrawal / Transfer support to employees
  • Insurance Number Generation
  • Employees ESIC Card
  • Monthly Salary/Wage Register
  • For employees up to 30
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Rapport SELECT

Rs. 7999

Rs.7999 + GST@18%
  • All features of Rapport Start plus
  • Muster Roll Register
  • Reply to Labour Court Notices
  • For employees up to 50
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Rapport SUPER

Rs. 9999

Rs.9999+ GST@18%
  • All features of Rapport Select plus
  • Expert advice on the HR process
  • Review of HR process
  • Reply to Labour Court Notices
  • One hearing at Labour Court per year
  • Reply to Union Notice
  • For employees up to 100
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Why should you outsource the HR Statutory Compliance of your business to Rapport HR?

Do you feel you have done your bit for the first few years of your business and now is the time when the platform is laid and you just need to take off and scale your business to new heights?

Are Payroll, PF, ESI and other statutory compliance stopping you from doing your business?

Every organization has to abide by certain rules and regulations that are statutory and HR department in every organization has to deal with the HR statutory compliance regarding employee welfare and benefits. Adhering to the legal framework with respect to all the employees in an organization like provident fund, ESI, minimum wages etc. is the HR statutory compliance and abiding by these laws is mandatory for all the business establishments in India so as to avoid any legal hassles. No business can take the risk of non-compliance with these statutory requirements. Every small enterprise that cannot bear the burden of a human resource department of its own can outsource its requirements to HR consultancy services to avoid the risk of non-compliance with statutory requirements and getting involved in legal battles.

These compliances are not only extensive but they can adversely impact your business if it is not taken care of. Non-compliance not only lead to imposition of huge interests and penalties; they may even land you in prison.

There are many areas that are covered under compliance including insurance requirements of employees, financial reporting requirements, legal requirements, and safety requirements. HR consulting firms have professionals who are well versed with all the laws and regulations and hiring them for statutory matters will relieve you from these responsibilities. Here is a list of some common statutory requirements.

Gratuity - According to the Payment of Gratuity Act, all enterprises with more than 10 or more employees are liable to pay employees the gratuity, an amount equal to 15 days wages for each year of completed service not exceeding 20 lakhs. The gratuity amount is a fixed contribution of the employer and thus a part of CTC of the employee.

Bonus - All enterprises that employ more than 20 employees have to pay a bonus to eligible employees according to the Payment of Bonus Act, 1965. Per the Payment of Bonus (Amendment) Bill, 2015, the employees drawing a salary below Rs.21, 000/- are eligible for the bonus. The provisions for calculating bonus are mentioned in the Payment of Bonus Act

Minimum wages - Every organization has to follow the rules and regulations given by the Minimum Wages Act. Wages have to be fixed considering both the central government and respective state governments rules. Wage rates are defined per the sector, occupation and nature of employment. It is mandatory to pay wages according to the Minimum Wages Act at least once a month.

Employee’s insurance (ESIC) - Another key statutory compliance component in India is the health insurance provided as social security scheme in accordance with the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation Act. Every enterprise with more than 20 employees whose gross salary per month is less than Rs.21, 000 should register for this insurance. For the ESI both employee and employer contribution are included in the calculation of employee’s salary.

Professional Tax - Professional tax (PT) is a tax levied by the state governments and collected by the employer as a deduction from employee’s salary. Since it is levied by state governments, the charge for PT differs from state to state. However, it is usually around Rs.200.

Provident Fund - Many employees prefer working in an organization that has provident fund (PF) facility as they see it as a good source of savings for a long term. PF is a fund that is created from the monthly contributions from both employee and employer. Per the Employee’s Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), every organization that has a minimum of 20 employees should register for the PF. Any non-adherence to the rules of EPFO may attract penalties. Small enterprises may outsource their PF responsibilities to HR consultancy services to be in the good books of EPFO and also gain employee satisfaction.

The sheer complexity of the nature of compliance makes it a nightmare for many small enterprises to handle these responsibilities. There are two ways, these can be taken care of:

  1. One is the traditional way, where you hire an accounts & HR  - team on your payroll and deal with ever rising cost and attrition of human resources. Moreover, there is severe dearth of quality HR & accountants in the market. If the quality is compromised, the so-called vendor/accountant/HR may screw things up rather doing any good and may transport you in the world of interests, penalties and even imprisonment.
  2. The other way is the Rapport HR - Rapport HR will assign you a SPOC (SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT), who shall co-ordinate between you and your representatives and amongst different expert teams at Rapport HR.

Rapport HR has a technology driven platform to manage all your HR and workforce related things under one umbrella with team of trained Accountant, HR Professional working under the supervision of Experienced Human Resource Professionals and Labour Laws Experts, providing excellent accuracy and efficiency in payroll processing, payroll taxes and other statutory compliances. This SPOC shall work remotely online, based upon the details uploaded by your company to our online platform by you.

Over and above this Rapport HR would charge from you a fee even less than half of the fee charged by traditional HR from you (Based upon the quantum of transactions in your business).


Procedure for PF & ESIC Consultancy


RapportHR received your request to file monthly return’s and make monthly EPF payments.for monthly PF, ESI & HR Consultancy

Assignment of Resource

We will assign a dedicated resource who is professionally skilled in HR Compliances

Reports and Filing of Return

Dedicated resource will process monthly HR Activities and file due returns.

Your work is now completed

Dedicated resource will send you all monthly statutory registers on your email for records.

Documents required

Documents Required

  • New Joining Input
  • Exit Input
  • Statutory Portals Login Credentials
  • Salary Monthly Input
  • Attendance/ Leave Input

Advantages of PF & ESIC Consultancy

  • Expert advice on the HR process
  • Cross-over expertise with expert insights in tax and legal arena
  • All services under one roof
  • No need to visit consultant’s office as work is handled remotely and most of the issues are resolved either online or through phone/video calls.
  • Cost effective as compared to the traditional way
  • Automated software to manage employee lifecycle including payroll management, leave management, attendance management, sales staff attendance management through Geo-Tracking system, Performance Management, employee onboarding, 24Q return, Form 16 etc