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Rs. 2999

Rs.2999 + GST@18%
  • Free Consultation
  • PF return filing for upto 30 employees
  • Support employees for PF transfer/ withdrawal
  • Prepare and reply of Notices
  • Member's KYC Updation
  • Wages Register
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Rapport SELECT

Rs. 4999

Rs.4999 + GST@18%
  • Free Consultation
  • PF return filing for upto 50 employees
  • Support employees for PF transfer/ withdrawal
  • Prepare and reply of Notices
  • Member's KYC Updation
  • Wages Register
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Rapport SUPER

Rs. 7999

Rs.7999+ GST@18%
  • Free Consultation
  • PF return filing for upto 100 employees
  • Inspection Handling
  • Support employees for PF transfer/ withdrawal
  • Prepare and reply of Notices
  • Member's KYC Updation
  • Wages Register
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What is PF Return

PF return is mandatory to fill monthly on or before 15th of every month, failure of which leads to Govt. penalties. Currently, employers and employees contribute 12 percent of basic wages each towards Employees Provident Fund Scheme (EPF), Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) and Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme (EDLI). A provident fund is created with a purpose of providing financial security and stability to employees. A person starts his contribution to the PF fund once he joins a company as an employee. Further, the employers also contribute towards administration of the benefits under the EPF & MP Act.

  • Provident fund is a social security system that was introduced for encouraging savings among employees, so as to benefit them during the course of their retirement.
  • Contributions are made by the employer and the employee monthly. PF contributions can only be withdrawn by the employee at the time of his/her retirement, barring a few exceptions.
  • All employers having PF registration are responsible to file returns monthly.

Important Points relating to Provident Fund:

  • PF Return: Provident fund return must be filed by all entities having PF registration every month. PF return is due on the 15th of each month. Further, a final PF return is due on the 25th of April for the year ended on 31st March.
  • PF Payment: Provident Fund (PF) payments are due on the 15th of each month.
  • UAN: The Employee Provident Fund has launched the Unified Portal to streamline and simplify all aspects of provident fund for both employers and employees. Employees who have the newly allotted UAN can use the Unified Portal for various services.

Consequences of late EPF return filing

Upon late payment of EPF challan, two arrears ensue on the employer as follows:

Nos of Months DelayedPenal Damages under Section 14BInterest under Section 7Q
Delay for up to 2 months5% per annum12% p.a. for every single day
Delay ranging from
2 months to 4 months
10% per annum12% p.a. for every single day
Delay ranging from
4 months to 6 months
15% per annum12% p.a. for every single day
Delay exceeding 6 months25% per annum (which may
correspondingly go up to 100%)
12% p.a. for every single day



Procedure for PF Return Filing Services


RapportHR received your request to file monthly return’s and make monthly EPF payments.

Assignment of Resource

We will assign a dedicated resource who is professionally skilled in EPF payments & return filing. You can get in touch with the assigned resource at any point of time for consultation and assistance regarding EPF monthly payments & EPF returns throughout your journey with RapportHR.

Filing of PF Return

Our resource will repare the monthly EPF returns and send you monthly ECR Statement and Challan Number over the email for PF monthly payments for your company .

Your work is now completed

Our resource will guide you for online EPF Challan Payment through netbanking.

Documents required

Documents Required

Requirements for EPF Returns

  • Employer Login ID  Password of Unified Portal EPFO
  • Monthly Salary Statement along with Paid Days
  • New Joining along with family information/ Exits Information

Advantages of PF Return Filing Services

  • EMPLOYEES WELFARE - It gives the organisation a moral view as they are interested in the employees welfare as much as the work they give out.
  • SECURITY - The PF process is totally taken care by the Employees Provident Fund Organization of India which provides a peace of mind and is secure in nature.
  • INSURANCE BENEFITS - As per Employee Deposit Linked Insurance scheme, in any organization where group insurance scheme is not available to the employees, the organization has to contribute 5% of monthly basic pay as premium for the life insurance cover.
  • TAXATION BENEFITS - The employer contribution is exempt from tax and employee’s contribution is taxable but eligible for deduction under section 80C of Income tax Act with proper returns filing.

Eligibility of PF Return Filing Services

It’s government of India mandate for all organizations/firms/proprietorship/ partnerships to get registered with EPFO (Employees' Provident Fund Organization) if employed more than 19 employees. Registration is a one-time process followed by PF monthly payment and PF monthly return.


Steps for
PF Return Filing Services

Step 1 : Document Collection

Our PF Expert will collect the necessary information and requisite documents for preparation of PF return for your business

Step 2 : Return Prepartion

Based on the documents and information presented, our PF expert will prepare your PF return and send for your approval

Step 3 : Return Filing

Once the return is prepared and is verified from your side, our expert will file the same with the PF department


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Frequent Questions

Q.What are the consequences of the non-filling of EPF return?

If the returns are not filled for the continuous period right from taking the registration then the department can issue the notice or summon to the concerned employer for non-compliance.

Q.Whether the member is entitled for full interest on the belated deposit of PF dues by the employer?

After realising the dues, the PF members will be given full interest for each due month and it will in no way affect the interest due to members on the contributions paid.

Q.What is the prerequisite to file EPF returns?

The EPF returns are UAN based i.e. the employer is required to first register the employees in the EPFO at employer portal for the generation of UAN or the member id wherein we will feed the details of the employees.

Q.Which Cities do you provide your services?

Rapport HR provides its services all across India. You can file PF Returns in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Indore, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kanpur, Nagpur, Jaipur or any other cities easily with us.

Q.Have some queries?

Our expert will help you in choosing the best suitable plan for you. Get in touch with our team to get all your queries resolved. Write to us at or call us @+91 9599553911.