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Karnataka Shops And Commercial Establishments What is Ekarmika?

e – Karmika is a facility for Registration and Renewal of Establishments under the Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961; which is one of the State Labour Laws and Rules being enforced by the Department of Labour, Karnataka.

How can I register for the Shops and Establishment Act in Karnataka?

New shops or commercial establishments in Bangalore or Karnataka are required to apply for Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act Registration within 30 days of commencing operations. The Shops and Establishment Act Registration must be submitted in the prescribed format to the Labour Inspector of the area concerned.

Who needs a shop and establishment license?

This license is mandatory for all business entities, even if you are working from home. It covers – shops, commercial establishments, restaurants, hotels, theatre, public amusement, and retail trade/business.

Why Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishment registration required?

The shop and Establishment Act registration is one of the mandatory requirements of all businesses which operate from an establishment or shop. Any changes made in the details or the closure of such establishment needs to be initiated to the inspector within 15 days of the said change or closure

What is the difference between Shops and Commercial Establishments?

Karnataka Shops Act License following is the difference in between Trade and Shop Establishment License: An individual who is going to commence any business or shop needs to get the business registered with the local government in Shop Establishment while trade license is a permission given to a person to carry out a particular business or trade.

What are the documents and maintenance of registers under Shops and Establishment Act in Karnataka? 

  1. Register of Leave with wages – Form – F
  2. Leave book – Form – H
  3. Lime Washing – Form – I
  4. Appointment Order – Form – Q
  5. Combined Muster Roll cum wages Register – Form -T
  6. Inspection Book
  7. Submission of Returns
  8. Annual Return - Combined Annual Return Form – U
  9. Displays - Abstract of the Act (Local Language & English)

Renewal Of Registration Karnataka

Government of Karnataka vide Notification dated 11.06.2019 has abolished the process of renewal of the Registration under the Karnataka Shops and Establishment Act ,1961 the renewal would be automatically renewed after the submission of self-certification and payment of renewal fee through online portal.

Following organizations are exempted from registration

  • Offices of, or under the central or state Government, or local authorities, except commercial undertaking.
  • Any railway service, water transport service, postal, telegraph or telephone service, any system of public conservation or sanitation or any industry, or services like water, power, light to the public.
  • Railway dining cars
  • Establishments for the treatment or care of the handicap or mentally unfit
  • Establishments of the food corporation of India
  • Offices of legal practitioners and medical practitioners in which not more than 3 persons are employed
  • Offices of bank

Procedure for Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments

Tell us about your Shop / company

Complete our simple online questionnaire

Document Submission

We Will help you to Select what registration you need

Submission Application

We create your application on your behalf and file them

Your work is now completed

Your Certificate will be sent through email

Documents required

Documents Required

Documents required for registration under The Shops and Establishment Act License

  • Identity / Address Proof of the owner (Aadhar card/ Driving license/Voter Card etc.)
  • Incorporation Certificate /Memorandum of Article (In Case of Private Ltd. Company)
  • Partnership Deed in case of Partnership Firm
  • Rent Agreement / Ownership Deed / Lease Deed
  • Authorisation letter for Authorised signatory / self attestation Letter for Owner
  • Challan /Payment Receipt /Transanction Receipt
  • Duly filled Registration Form (A) signed by owner / Authorised signatory

Eligibility of Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments

The business owner must fill the Form A application is completed with the other supporting documents and it has to be submitted to the Labor Inspector with the registration fee.


Steps for
Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments

Step 1 : As a first step towards shop and establishment registration process, user has to fill the pre-requisite registration details by clicking on “New user Sign UP” link.

Step 2 : User has option to create his/her own user name of length 8 to 20 characters which could contain characters, numbers and special characters. In case entered user name is already created by other user, then system will display alert message.

Step 3 : User can’t leave Establishment name, Choose your Username and Mobile No. fields as blank.

Step 4 : User should also have a valid personal mobile number and Email ID. It should be kept active to receive timely information. In case user does not have a valid personal mobile number or Email ID, he / she should create his/her new Email ID before registering online.

Step 5 : After submitting “New user Sign UP” form successfully, user will receive User name and Password to registered mobile number and Email ID. User should note that, DND activated mobile numbers will not receive any alert messages hence it is advised to enter Email ID.

Step 6 : User has to memorize and keep user name and password confidentially and should not be disclosed to anybody. This user credential is required to be used for user login.


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Frequent Questions

Q.Why do you need Rapport HR's Professional's service ?

It is important your Application is filed correctly and properly as per legal requirement. Our Experts are well experienced in this line to get your work done smoothly.

Q.Is Rapport HR Experts works in all State for Issuing Trade License?

Yes. We do serve our clients PAN India from our Branch Offices and Associate Partners in Major Cities.

Q.How much time taken to get the Shop and Establishment license issued?

Normally 15-20 days as Departmental Inspection of Premises is essential in Karnataka.

Q.When is a Shops and Establishments Act license required?

Every employer shall within 30 days from the date on which the establishment commences its work .

Q.What to do if your applicable denied by Commission?

If the license is denied by the Authority, then you may appeal to standing committee by delivering the denied letter.

Q.What is I run my Shop without Trade License under Shop and Establishment Act?

Running a Shop or Commercial Establishment withour obtaining a Trade License is Illegal as per the Act. The concerned authority may seize or lock your Trade business with or without prior intimation.

Q.Can I Update my License details?

Yes. You can file an Update with Authority for any changes in Management, Ownership, Business Particulars, etc