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An Overview of Trade License West Bengal

A Trade License is a legal certificate required to start a business or trade in a particular area or location. The owner of a Trade License cannot use this license for any other business. A business that is registered within a state, Corporation, or municipality is required to get Trade License from the authority to start a business. In West Bengal, to obtain Trade License West Bengal, the applicant must first understand the jurisdiction under which they are running the business and the applicable acts. If you plan to start a new business in West Bengal, you need to obtain Trade License West Bengal because it is one of the essential documents to commence a business or a trade in West Bengal.

Different Categories of Trade License

  1. Shop License: Dangerous & offensive trade like a sale of firewood, candle manufacturer, barbershop, cracker manufacturer, etc.
  2. Industrial License: Small, medium & large scale manufacturing factories.
  3. Food Establishment License: Hotels, canteen Restaurants, food stalls, the sale of meat and vegetables, bakeries, etc.

Who issues Trade License in West Bengal?

  • A Trade License West Bengal is issued by the Licensing Department of the Municipal Department in West Bengal, such as engineering, health, industries, etc.
  • The Government of India authorises the license in a way to govern in cities across the country. The Government authorises the license in a manner to regulate in cities across the country.
  • It confers approval through letters or certificates to conduct any trade or business where it is located. The issuance of a Trade License is done on a state-wide basis and as per the regulations set by the Municipal Corporation.

Who Needs Trade License West Bengal?

Following business entities are mandated to secure Trade License from the Municipal Corporation in West Bengal before starting business operations:

  • Community Centres;
  • Commercial areas;
  • Local Commercial;
  • District Centres;
  • Commercial Shopping Complex (CSC);
  • Local Shopping Complex (LSC);
  • Service Centre or Service Market;
  • Pedestrian Shopping Streets and so on.

Online Procedure for Applying Trade License West Bengal

The step by step procedure to follow in order to obtain a Trade License in West Bengal are:

  • An applicant must first approach the Municipal Corporation Department in West Bengal;
  • The applicant is required to get the application for the license from the respective officer;
  • All the vital details shall be mentioned in the application form by the applicant;
  • Depending on the trading nature, the applicant must attach all the vital documents to the application;
  • After the above step, the application must be submitted to the concerned officials;
  • After making the enquires, the Municipal Corporation shall issue the Trade License within 30 days of submission of the application in case the application has complied with all the rules & regulations. If there is any violation or malpractice found, then the Trade License would not be issued;
  • A fee is also paid in order to obtain the application form from the concerned authorities.

Renewal of Trade License West Bengal

A Trade License in West Bengal doesn’t hold lifetime validity, and hence it should be renewed at regular time intervals. When it is required to renew the license, the Corporation will issue a demand notice to the concerned licensee mentioning the need for the renewal of the Trade License. The concerned person might renew it by remitting the appropriate fee at the particular counters mentioned in the notice. When the payment is made, the demand notice is sent to the applicant. If the licensee fails to receive the demand notice, the applicant is needed to provide a copy of the recently paid Trade License as well as a declaration affirming that the applicant's Trade License details such as the Trade name, Trade address, area covered through the location in sq. feet. Trade nature, place & date. A duplicate copy of the demand notice shall be sent to the applicant.

How will Rapport HR help you?

Filing an application and arranging all the documents is not an easy task; our experts at RapportHR can assist you in mitigating such circumstances by providing unmatched support. Rapport HR is playing an essential role in strengthening licensing space by providing end-to-end support to our respected clients.


Procedure for Trade License Registration in West Bengal

Complete our Simple Form Online

You are required to fill your details in our simple questionnaire and submit documents.

Verification of Documents

For further procedures, details provided by you will be verified by our experts.

Submission of Documents

We will create all the required documents and file them with appropriate authority.

Your work is completed

Once your Trade License is Issued by Municipal Corporation, we will intimate you about the same.

Documents required

Documents Required

Vital Documents Required for Obtaining a Trade License in West Bengal

Following is the list of all the vital documents required for obtaining a Trade License West Bengal:

  • Address proof of the business;
  • Aadhar Card;
  • Identity proof of the applicant;
  • In the case of companies, MOA or Memorandum of Association and AOA or Articles of Association is required;
  • In the case of companies, Incorporation Certificate is also required;
  • In the case of Proprietorship, submitting the PAN of the applicant is required; else PAN of the firm;
  • NOC (No Objection Certificate) issued by the nearby property owners;
  • Floor plan or certified site;
  • Latest Property Tax Receipt in case the business place is owned, else lease documents or permission letter issued by the actual owner where the business is registered.

Advantages of Trade License Registration in West Bengal

Benefits of Obtaining Trade License West Bengal

Following Are Some Benefits Of Obtaining A Trade License:

  1. It increases credibility;
  2. This license helps in motivating investors;
  3. It ensures better sanitation within the organisation;
  4. Provide better exposure to financial help;
  5. Increase goodwill in the target market;
  6. It also ensures fewer confrontations with legal affairs;
  7. It discourages unethical practices.

Eligibility of Trade License Registration in West Bengal

Criteria for obtaining Trade License

Following are the criteria for obtaining Trade License in West Bengal:

  1. The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years;
  2. The business of the applicant must be capable of executing legal work;
  3. The applicant shouldn’t have any criminal records.


Steps for
Trade License Registration in West Bengal

Step 1 : Documents/Application Preparations

Once you decide the type of trade license you need, you have to completely fill, form 353 with all necessary details and submit all the documents to the ward office of your local municipality.

Step 2 : Verification and Submission of Documents

If needed you might have to give some additional detail. Once all the details are verified and found satisfactory, you will be issued the Trade License.


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Frequent Questions

Q.How many days needed to get a trade license?

It takes 2-15 days.

Q.Is it compulsory for renewal of trade license?

Yes, your license must be renewed after expiry. Failing can lead to a penalty.

Q.Do I need a trade license if I start a restaurant?

Yes, you will need a trade license irrespective of your business type.

Q.What happens if I am denied a trade license?

You need to submit a petition to the Standing Committee (Health) with a copy of the denial letter.

Q.Do I need a trade license if I want to apply for GST registration in West Bengal?

Yes, you will need a trade license to get the GST Registration in West Bengal. GST department won't approve GST registration if Trade License is not available.